Ubuntu: How to Reset Ubuntu/Gnome Settings to Defaults

In a terminal, run the command below:

rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity</p>

Other Fixes
1- You are most likely going to get the following error: "The application 'NetworkManager Applet' (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked."

to fix it its simple, here is how i did it

I right clicked the wireless applet, went to 'edit connections', the wireless tab, and checked the "available to all users" for our wireless connection. Rebooted and it logged in and wireless was already connected. No password prompts.</p>

2- Screenlet won't stay on desktop when I minimize all windows

start gconf-editor and uncheck this value: /apps/compiz/general/allscreens/options/hide_skip_taskbar_windows</p>

3- Compiz settings disappear
Reset them, or make a backup of your compiz settings folder. (NOT RECOMMENDED)

(06/22/2010) I have yet to find an app, or an efficient way to simply reset my desktop, leave the apps the way they are but just clean up all the configs and settings, and thus far this is the closest i get.

(09/30/2011) There is an application called BleachBit that will allow you to clean up settings, cache, data etc, but doesn't clean up app settings inside gconf or gconfd in your home folder