Filtering Traffic: The OpenDNS way

The classic problem, someone connects to your wi-fi, and tries to download a movie, then you get a nasty email from your ISP making you look like an organized crime ring lord.

what you looking for is a traffic filtering solution

I used to have a complicated routing table blocking every known p2p site, known to man. Then I switched to creating my own  DansGuardian/pfsense implementation. After moving, I lost all the configs, and had to settle for OpenDNS, which is a very good solution, direct solution.

The setup is easy.

1- change your dns servers on your broadband network, not local network.

Your gateway IP is on the router, with the password. A common one is

go into Network connections,


and point your DNS servers to OpenDNS servers



2- setup your openDNS account. go to the setup is as easy as creating an email address.

you'll be asked to provide your public IP. A simple google search "what's my ip" will give you that information

OpenDNS now can configure filters on your behalf. Summary: your DNS points to OpenDNS, which in returns knows yout ip, and filters content based on your requests. It's that simple.

you can select pre-configured filters, or select your own custom ones.



and on a good day, you block, your targets.