Ubuntu: Mounting ext3/ext4 Partitions

Since I went ahead and got rid of my windows, my partition is strictly just ext3 files. The problem, I encountered was that the partition will not automount. Here I describe the steps taken to fix it.

1- Installed the GParted Software that helps set partitions

sudo apt-get install gparted</p>

2- Allocated the space required to my drive, and assigned it to ext3/ext4

3- Using the terminal to find out what the uid for the drive i want to automount

sudo blkid</p>

4- Create where you want that partition to be mount

sudo mkdir /path to whatever
ex: sudo mkdir /Kenneth

5-edited my fstab by

sudo gedit /etc/fstab</p>

line reads: # /dev/sa7 UUID=uid obtained by blkid /Kenneth ext3 errors=remount-ro 0 0

for that to take effect in terminal run: sudo mount -a

6- Gave my self Admin rights

sudo nautilus
then right click drive and then click on properties to grant myself admin rights at all times</p>